Short Dog Leash


Ideal leash for daily walks and training, most suitable for large dogs. Super soft neoprene lined handle to keep your hand and wrist comfortable even with the most playful dogs. The clip comes with a tangle-free swivel piece that guarantees your wrist will never get tangled. Our carabiner clip is exactly the same type of clip that safeguards the lives of rock climbers.

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This high quality short dog leash was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. Our mission is to strengthen the family bond between you and your dog through reliable products that deliver performance and most importantly, fun. Why a short leash? Vet visits: more control when navigating through a high distraction environment like the vets office. Training: the short leash keeps your dog in the perfect “heel” position. Safety: keep your dog right by your side at street crossings.

Poids 0.47 kg
Dimensions 45 × 7 × 24 cm


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