Cooling Pet Bowl

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Simply soak the bowl in water and then place in the freezer. Once frozen, remove, fill and serve. The cool gel inside maintains the ice longer which keeps the dogs food cool and fresh. Safe and non toxic. Ideal for use indoors and outdoors. Keeps water cool for up to 15 hours. Perfect for working pet parents, beach trips, camping, traveling, etc.

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On a hot summer day nothing refreshes like a nice tall glass of ice cold water. Why not provide your pet with this same luxury? This cooling bowl features inner cooling gel that, once activated, keep water cold and fresh for much longer than ordinary cooling bowls. With its non-electric and easy-to-use freeze core, the this bowl is simple to use and provides loving pet owners with a hassle and worry-free way to keep pets happily hydrated. A truly revolutionary product!

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Dimensions 13 × 8.6 × 5 cm


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