Twisted Rope Toy


Your dog will love getting all tied up with this twisted rope training toy. Strong and durable rope is twisted and knotted at one end and doubles as the perfect training tool for young dogs. Thanks to the sturdy yet lightweight rope, it’s also ideal for throwing. Use it during games of fetch or show your sidekick what tug of war is all about.

UGS : 132882 Catégorie : Étiquettes : , ,

Rope toys are twisted or woven cotton ropes that fall into several categories. Some have multiple knots. Others have bones or rubber balls attached to them. You’ll want to select rope toys that have significant length to them and will not fit into your dog’s mouth if playing alone or using them for a teething tool. You’ll need to ask advice from a professional veterinary retail unit or dog trainer on how best to use the rope toy for play without injury or behavioral changes creeping up.

Poids 0.38 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 4 cm


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